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Look Within
September 2018

Yoga Sutra 1.4
“At other times the seer identifies with objects seen”
The thing about enlightenment is that without constant awareness, the seer will go back to identifying with objects seen and forget the grander of the Soul.
Each time you identify with objects seen, you color the true nature of your consciousness.
The light is still there, only now it is being informed by the fluctuations of the impermanent nature of the outward world.
The lens of consciousness becomes murkier each time you mistake objects seen with the pure light of the Soul.
Only that which is found within is the path to enlightenment.
You are not this job, title, or culture etc. All things in the world are subject to change. What never changes is the everlasting glory found within. So for enlightenment to become a reality you must seek that which is everlasting.

One of my favorite Rumi quotes expresses this sentiment completely; “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lays down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.” The outer world is constantly changing. In order to find happiness we need to choose the path that does not change. By making a conscious decision to focus on what is immovable we gain insight into the state of non suffering.

DSY Free Family Day Yoga
September 3rd 12 Noon

Come join us with your family members for 12:00 noon free day of Yoga class at Diana’s School of Yoga.
All other classes that day will be canceled.
This will be an all levels class so that anyone interested can have a beneficial and functional experience.
The regular schedule will resume Tuesday September 4th.

21 Day Yoga Boot Camp
September 7th – September 28th

Orientation for the 21 Day Yoga Boot Camp will be this coming Thursday evening 9/6th from 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Although this is not mandatory it certainly will help a great deal for new participants.
DSY is happy to announce we have opened registration for the 21 Day Yoga boot camp.
This Boot Camp is based on an Ayurvedic system of Panchakarma where there is the removal of impurities of mind, spirit and body through 5 practices.
This process brings an awareness, that releases old patterns that no longer serves us.
With this release we find improved mental, spiritual and physical health.
The Panchakarma or five practices that will be used are;
1) Monday – Friday 6:00 a.m.-7:00a.m. yoga practice
2) A diet based on an ancient cleansing method.
3) Breath work/Pranayama
4) Sweat Therapy
5) Daily Journaling
This boot camp is designed to progressively move through all 5 practices, allowing an ease throughout the 21 days. Anyone from a beginner to advanced student can fully participate in all phases of the Boot Camp due to this method.
First Day of Boot Camp begins Friday August 11th.
Fee: $110.00 non-member
        $45.00 for current paid DSY members.
Register online at, Diana’s School of Yoga Facebook Fan page, or at the studio located at 925 W Pioneer Pkwy Ste K Grand Prairie, TX 75051

DSY Year Long Meditation for World Peace
Next Meditation Sunday 9/16thThe event with occur every 3rd Sunday monthly for one year.
Stay 3 minutes or 3 hours – all time spent is of value.
Can’t make it to the studio then join us from home by joining in during the time frame scheduled. It is all valued and appreciated!
We ask for everyone interested to join us in this year long journey of Meditation Japa for world peace!
This is a donation based event. All proceeds will be donated to United Nations Girl’s Education Initiative.
Start Date: Sunday Jan 21, 2018 End Date: Sunday Dec 16, 2018
Schedule:  Every 3rd Sunday
Time:          6:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
TearDrop Support Master Class
September 22nd 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Diana’s School of Yoga is presenting the TearDrop Support Cushions Master class. In this class you will learn the benefits of it’s wonderful design and ability to allow passive stretching for body.
Here is what the distributors of this amazing prop has to say:

“The Teardrop Support is the most effective, comfortable and least expensive back arch available anywhere. Made using the same sturdy cotton canvas that we use in our studio quality round and rectangular Bheka Bolsters, these little organic buckwheat hull filled back supports are double stitched and built to last.

  The unique design of the Teardrop support enables it to open your upper back, support your mid back and traction your lower spine. The overall effect frees most back pain sufferers from discomfort.

While the most common benefit of the Teardrop Support Cushion is to open the spaces between the vertebrae, restore the natural arch of the spine and relieve discomfort, it is useful for opening the chest, expanding the lungs and relaxing the entire body.”
And to take it a stop further it’s unique design conforms to all area of the body allowing release in many other areas as well.
Since it involves passive stretching it makes designing your own home Yoga practice a dream!
When: Saturday 9/22
Time:   2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Where: Diana’s School of Yoga
Class Fee: $40.00
TearDrop   $35.00

TearDrop Support Cushions can be purchased separtley from this Master Class.

DSY Featured September $5.00 Drop In Class
Pilates Wed @5:25 p.m. and Sat @10:15 a.m.

For the month of September we are featuring the Pilates classes on our schedule.
Pilates is a series of exercises that stretch and strengthen primarily the core muscles of the body from the shoulders to the hips. We utilize different methods to achieve this; mat only, stability ball, Pilates rings and other tools that help emphasize the balanced development of the body through core strength.

To get the $5.00 drop in rate for the class visit our studio, or contact us at either or 817-909-6544.

Emily’s Corner

Private Sessions With Emily 

Emily is a certified exercise physiologist with over 30 years of experience in the industry. She’s passionate about helping people obtain optimal wellness through physical training and education. She holds a Masters degree in Adult Fitness Management from the University of Alabama and a Bachelors degree in Health Science from the University of Utah. She has numerous certifications from The American College of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise, The Cooper Institute and the Back School. Emily was an All American gymnast and has many other athletic accomplishments as a diver, triathlete, runner and rollerblader. She teaches a variety of classes including yoga, pilates, muscle conditioning and aerial yoga. Emily is available for private one on one sessions or small group training. For availability and fees you can email her at

DSY Community Survey 
DSY is always looking to improve your experience at our studio!
Soon we will be sending out a Mailchimp Survey to get your input on what you think could make this experience better.
We will be looking to see what changes, if any changes to the schedule would work better for you.
So when you see an email survey from Mailchimp please help us out and tell us what you are thinking!
And as always, survey or not we always appreciate all input from our wonderful community!

Wanting to practice Yoga but concerned about the cost?
We offer an Introductory Special for new students where for only $10.00 you can take 10 classes within 10 days.

Monthly Unlimited auto pay for single membership is $76.00

Group rate discounts for monthly unlimited.
Group of 2 $67.00 per person
Group of 3 $52.00 per person
Group of 4 $41.00 per person
Monthly Unlimited means you can join in on all the classes on our schedule as many times as you wish!

The discounted packages for Aerial Yoga
Package of 4 classes $70.00
Auto draft package of 4 classes $60.00
Packages expire in 6 months. Classes do not have to be taken consecutively.
For more information please visit our website at, contact Diana at or call 817-909-6544

August Pose of the Month

Parsvattanasana/Intense Side Stretch

From standing step the right foot forward, leaving the back foot facing in the same direction.
Bending the front knee inhale bring both arms up overhead. Exhale fold forward. To go deeper straighten the front knee. to modify use blocks under each hand.  Hold breathe than alternate.