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The Emergent Mind
April 2018

Yoga Sutra 4.4
“The emergent mind springs forth from the I-ness that is free from attachment, aversion and fear.”
This awareness has sequential steps in it’s realization to enlightment.
These steps require the removal of kleshas or colorings that are obstacles to that end.
There are 5 kleshas that have to be removed before we can awake to the intrinsic nature of enlightenment inherent in each of  us.
The focus of this Sutra is on the second klesha, asmita or I-ness.
It is false knowledge to believe that what you think about yourself is who you are.
Situations and circumstantial changes are a part of human existence.
When the I-ness moves into the more subtle manifestation of the observer then right mind thinking is achieved.
This means you no longer identify with the thought patterns of the mind. You learn to lose attachments, aversions and fears to the inner workings of the mind. You then can objectively observe the world where you are.
With the ability to observe without colorings or opinions you can become free from suffering.
You will know at all times the divinity that resides within.  And as a result begin anew with right thoughts and actions.

DSY 21 Day Yoga Boot Camp
April 20th – May 11thDiana’s School of Yoga’s 21 Day Yoga Boot Camp offers a transformative journey to the Self.
This boot camp is based on an Ayurvedic Panchakarma model where we practice 5 ways for the removal of impurities of mind, spirit and body.
This systematic approach brings about an awareness of Self that allows the release of old patterns. It like a reset for the mind spirit and body. This reset allows improved health and with that, the possible quality of life itself.
The boot camp is designed to move progressively throughout the 21 days.
As a direct result everyone whether beginner or advanced will start at ground zero.
The 5 Practices that will be used are:
Mon – Fri 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m. detox yoga practice
Ancient cleansing diet
Daily Pranayama/Yoga of the breath
Sweat Therapy
Daily Journaling

Orientation for new students Saturday April 14th at 1:30 p.m.
Boot Camp Start Date Friday April 20th
Boot Camp ending Friday May 11 6;00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m. Burning Ceremony
Any returning student who needs a new bamboo wand should notify us at registration
Fee: $110.00 for Non Members
$45.00 for Members (having a monthly unlimited or a regular 10 class pass)
Register online or at the studio

Class Highlight: Wednesday Hot Yoga
6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
New to DSY – we will be highlighting different classes at a special drop-in rate.
We would love to show you what we have to offer and to make it sweeter each bonus class will have a drop-in rate of only $5.00!
This first bonus class will be all Wednesday 6:30 p.m. classes during the month of April.
If you would like to join us on Wednesdays please RSVP to
DSY Year Long Meditation for World Peace
Next Meditation Sunday /18
At this moment in time we are experiencing some of the greatest challenges known to humanity, as seen in the plight of world hunger, ethnic cleansing, racial divides, and the list goes on and on.
As an individual you might wonder what can you do, how can you make a difference?
Meditation has been proven to increase the level of peace in the vicinity of where it happens. It has in fact the ability to transform the world. And this potential for peace is magnified in a group setting.
When you meditate in groups each person feels a connection with others more viscerally and experiences feelings of being less alone. The group practice has the ability of allowing the individual person to go deeper and tap into a more profound awareness
Empirical results seem to validate what the ancient sages said, that there is greater peace in the vicinity of the enlightened. Individually we may not see ourselves as enlightened, but the group effect multiplies each single member.
The event with occur every 3rd Sunday monthly for one year.
The meditation time spans 3 hours. The time spent by each person is uniquely open for each person’s own preference. Stay 3 minutes or 3 hours – all time spent is of value.
Can’t make it to the studio then join us from home by joining in during the time frame scheduled. It is all valued and appreciated!
We ask for everyone interested to join us in this year long journey of Meditation Japa for world peace! This is a donation based event. All proceeds will be donated to United Nations Girl’s Education Initiative.

Start Date: Sunday Jan 21, 2018 End Date: Sunday Dec 16, 2018
Schedule:  Every 3rd Sunday
Time:          6:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

Summer Ayurveda Workshop
with Kat Dinh Saturday June 9th

Our first Winter Ayurveda Workshop with Kat Dinh was so successful she is coming back to show us how to do Summer the Ayurveda way!
The workshop based on the principles of Ayurveda and focused on maintaining whole being wellness in the Summer season. Students will learn easy and practical ways to incorporate Ayurveda, nutrition, yoga asana, breath work, and self care routines that will:
– reveal your unique constitution
– burn off excesses
– energize the body, mind & spirit
– empower your intuitive inner healing
– bring you back to balance
– improve immunity

Summer Ayurveda Workshop Is coming Saturday June 9th

Session #1:  1:00-3:00pm (2 hours)    Intro to Ayurveda + Yoga                    ($25)
Session #2:  3:30-5:30pm (2 hours)   Pranayama + Ayurveda for Summer  ($25)
Both sessions for $45

Emily’s Corner

10 Exercise Myths

1. You Will Burn More Fat If You Exercise Longer at a Lower Intensity.
The most important focus in exercise and fat weight control is not the percentage of exercise energy coming from fat but the total energy cost, or how many calories are burned during the activity… It is safer, and more practical, to start out at a lower intensity and work your way up gradually.
2. If You’re Not Going to Work Out Hard and Often, Exercise Is a Waste of Time. This kind of thinking keeps a lot of people from maintaining or even starting an exercise program. Research continues to show that any exercise is better than none. For example, regular walking or gardening for as little as an hour a week has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease.
3. Yoga Is a Completely Gentle and Safe Exercise. Yoga is an excellent form of exercise, but some styles are quite rigorous and demanding both physically and mentally. As with any form of exercise, qualified, careful instruction is necessary for a safe, effective workout.
4. If You Exercise Long and Hard Enough, You Will Always Get the Results You Want. In reality, genetics plays an important role in how people respond to exercise. Studies have shown a wide variation in how different exercisers respond to the same training program. Your development of strength, speed and endurance may be very different from that of other people you know.
5. Exercise Is One Sure Way to Lose All the Weight You Desire. As with all responses to exercise, weight gain or loss is impacted by many factors, including dietary intake and genetics…However, although exercise alone cannot guarantee your ideal weight, regular physical activity is one of the most important factors for successful long-term weight management.
6. If You Want to Lose Weight, Stay Away From Strength Training Because You Will Bulk Up Most exercise experts believe that cardiovascular exercise and strength training are both valuable for maintaining a healthy weight. Strength training helps maintain muscle mass and decrease body fat percentage.
7. Water Fitness Programs Are Primarily for Older People or Exercisers With Injuries. Recent research has shown that water fitness programs can be highly challenging and effective for both improving fitness and losing weight. Even top athletes integrate water fitness workouts into their training programs.

8. The Health and Fitness Benefits of Mind-Body Exercise Like Tai Chi and Yoga Are Questionable. In fact, research showing the benefits of these exercises continues to grow. Tai chi, for example, has been shown to help treat low-back pain and fibromyalgia. Improved flexibility, balance, coordination, posture, strength and stress management are just some of the potential results of mind-body exercise.

9. Overweight People Are Unlikely to Benefit Much From Exercise. Studies show that obese people who participate in regular exercise programs have a lower risk of all-cause mortality than sedentary individuals, regardless of weight. Both men and women of all sizes and fitness levels can improve their health with modest increases in activity.
10. Home Workouts Are Fine, But Going to a Gym Is the Best Way to Get Fit. Research has shown that some people find it easier to stick to a home-based fitness program. In spite of all the hype on trendy exercise programs and facilities, the “best” program for you is the one you will participate in consistently.

Wanting to practice Yoga but concerned about the cost?
We offer an Introductory Special for new students where for only $10.00 you can take 10 classes within 10 days.

Monthly Unlimited auto pay for single membership is $76.00

Group rate discounts for monthly unlimited.
Group of 2 $67.00 per person
Group of 3 $52.00 per person
Group of 4 $41.00 per person
Monthly Unlimited means you can join in on all the classes on our schedule as many times as you wish!

The discounted packages for Aerial Yoga
Package of 4 classes $70.00
Auto draft package of 4 classes $60.00
Packages expire in 6 months. Classes do not have to be taken consecutively.
For more information please visit our website at, contact Diana at or call 817-909-6544

April Pose of the Month

Hanumanasana/Monkey Pose

Hanumanasa is an amazing pose that stretches as well as strengthens the muscles in the thigh, groin and hamstring.
At the outset this can look very intimidating, especially if you view it within the context of doing the “splits”.
Luckily yoga has a very different take on how to pursue this posture.
As in all yoga each pose has to be done with Sthira and Sukham meaning to stay steady and peaceful!
The final expression of your hanumanasa will be where your own strength and flexibility lies.
This means you can go all the way to the floor or with the hips up in triangle stance, no struggle or suffering required.
To begin come onto your hands and knees. To modify place your hands on blocks. Step the right foot forward knee bent. Slide the left leg back. Push back on the left toes to lift the knee off the mat. Begin to slide the front foot forward. When you find your maximum stretch hold it. If you would like to move further drop the back knee to the mat and continue sliding the front leg forward.  Walk your hands back to the hips then lift one arm up at a time.