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The True Gift
November 2019


Yoga Sutra 2.39
“When one is steadfast in non-possessiveness or non-grasping with the senses (aparigraha), the how and one’s birth is illuminated”.
When one hoards or covet, it says that there isn’t enough.
Gifts given in the purest sense comes without obligations. The gift is given as an expression of love and nothing more. If there is obligation then this is like stealing, the gift cannot be received. Learning how to give and receive comes from the knowledge that there is always enough, so give freely. Happy Thanksgiving!

DSY Featured Class for November
Yin Yoga

$5.00 Drop In

The DSY featured monthly classes give us an opportunity to highlight different styles and levels of Yoga that we feel would be an important addition to anyones yoga practice!
The class being featured this month is Yin Yoga. 
This class is scheduled on Mondays at 6:30 p.m.
Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues between the muscles and the fascia of the entire body. This is accomplished by holding sustained postures for extended periods of time of 3 to 5 minutes for example. You’ll feel like a brand new person at the end of each class!
Please inform the front desk that are participating in the $5.00 drop in featured class special!

Holiday Schedule 2019

The schedule for the holiday are as follows;
We are closed Thanksgiving day, Thursday November 28th.
We are closed Tuesday, December 24th – Thursday, December 26th and will reopen for the regular schedule Friday December 27th.
We close again on Tuesday December 31st. 
Wednesday January 1st  we have Free Family Day Yoga at 12:00 noon! This class is suitable for all experience levels This will be the only class scheduled that day.

We will reopen Wednesday January 2nd.

DSY Holiday Challenge
November 18th – December 20th
Yoga has been proven to alleviate stress in a significant way as well as give a boost to the immune system, both of which can take a hit during this hectic time of year.
By attending classes you get rewarded by not only reducing stress but also a chance to win special prizes, which is a great way to stay motivated.
Many students have reported being able to have better focus and maintain a sense of peace and serenity by continuing their yoga practice during the holiday season.
We will put up a calendar where you can see your points accumulate. 1 hour classes earn 1 point. 90 minutes classes earn 2 points. Aerial Yoga and private yoga classes all earn 3 points. 1 hour Thai Sessions earn 3 points, 90 minutes earns 4  points and 2 hour sessions 5 points.
The big big red bow for this holiday challenge is the opportunity to maintain good health and inner peace!
First prize is a monthly unlimited gift card plus one year’s subscription to Yoga Journal
Second Prize a 1 hour Thai session and an eye pillow
Third prize 1 year subscription to Yoga Journal.

The sign up sheet will be at the front desk where you check in. 
Happy Holidays!

                 Emily’s Corner

5 Possible Reasons You’ve Gained Weight

1. Sleeping Less than 7 Hours per Night

There are several reasons why chronic sleep deprivation can lead to unwanted extra pounds. Here are just a few facts regarding lack of sleep that were published in the “Annals of Internal Medicine” .

* One single night of missed sleep slows metabolism and energy expenditure by 5% – 20%.

* Sleep loss can cause higher levels of the appetite stimulating hormone grehlin and significantly lower levels of leptin which contributes to satiety.

* Cortisol levels were higher as were blood sugar levels in the morning after a sleepless night.

Getting enough shut eye is a critical component in any weight loss program. Not only can it offset some of these built in survival mechanisms, but a well rested body has more energy to exercise and make wise food choices. Aim for 7 to 8 hours per night

2. Decrease in Physical Activity

As a general rule, we tend to move less and also less intensely as we age. The result is not only an inefficient calorie burning body but a reduction in lean muscle mass. With the reduced muscle mass comes a sluggish metabolism and a loss in nature’s own fat burning tissue. You may not ever reclaim the physical activity level or workout regimen you had as a youngster but you can find creative ways to interject physical activity throughout your day. Even a 5 or 10 minute micro-workout can make a big difference if you are able to do several of them intermittently. Doing three 10 minute workouts burns the same number of calories as one continuous 30 minute session. 

3. Eating Too Many High Glycemic Foods

A study published in the “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition” reports that a High Glycemic Index (GI) diet affects appetite and nutrient breakdown in such a way as to promote fat storage. Conversely, a low GI diet appeared to promote weight loss. The faster the blood sugar rises the greater the increase in insulin and thus glucose storage in the form of glycogen. Once the storage capacity is reached, the excess sugars must be stored as fat in the form of triglycerides. So just to recap, insulin’s job is to increase the storage of fat in fat cells and prevent cells from releasing fat for energy. To minimize this effect, aim for foods on the lower end of the glycemic load (GL) scale which gives a more accurate reflection of how a typical serving size may influence blood sugar levels. For more information on glycemic load (GL) check out the link.

Note the difference between watermelon’s glycemic index vs. glycemic load.

4. Declining Hormone Levels

There are several hormones which can influence fat metabolism and weight gain. Some of the hormones that may be responsible are; corticosteroids and DHEA, growth hormone, thyroid hormone, insulin, and the sex hormones estrogen, testosterone and progesterone. There is a delicate harmonious balance that is required in order for the body to function at optimal and have adequate energy levels. When just one hormone goes above or below the normal ranges, havoc is unleashed in the body. Some of the factors affecting this balance are; stress, poor diet, lack of sleep, certain medications, age and even underlying diseases. If you suspect that something unusual is to blame for the extra weight you’ve picked up it is recommended that you check with your primary care physician or an endocrinologist to rule out any underlying disorder that may be contributing to unintentional weight gain

5. Certain Medications

It is true that certain medications have the unfortunate side effect of causing weight gain. The short list is as follows; anti-diabetic medications, blood pressure lowering medications, anti-inflammatories, antidepressants, injectable contraceptives and antipsychotic medications. The mechanisms for how they affect weight gain differ. Some medications increase appetite, cause fluid retention, and others reduce the metabolic rate or slow the absorption of nutrients. The bottom line is to discuss these issues with your pharmacist or physician. There may be alternatives that have less side effects but never cease taking your medication without consulting with a professional first.

DSY Babysitter On Call
Justice Brown

We are happy to announce that Justice Brown is our new babysitter on call for attending classes at DSY.  
She is an upcoming freshman, who is also a student athlete. Justice has experience with babysitting and enjoys helping others. 
She would be happy to entertain your children while you enjoy 

Wanting to practice Yoga but concerned about the cost? 
We offer an Introductory Special for new students where for only $10.00 you can take 10 classes within 10 days.

Monthly Unlimited auto pay for single membership is $76.00

Group rate discounts for monthly unlimited.
Group of 2 $67.00 per person
Group of 3 $52.00 per person
Group of 4 $41.00 per person
All group fees using auto draft will earn an extra 5% discount!
Monthly Unlimited means you can join in on all the classes on our schedule as many times as you wish!

The discounted packages for Aerial Yoga
Package of 4 classes $70.00
Auto draft package of 4 classes $60.00
Packages expire in 6 months. Classes do not have to be taken consecutively.
For more information please visit our website at, contact Diana at or call 817-909-6544

October Pose of the Month
Mrigiasana/Deer Pose


From seated cross legged pose, move the right foot behind, next to right hip. Place the right knee next to left foot. Shift your hips to towards the right. Turn your torso to the left resting on your elbows. The torso can be perpendicular to the hips or you can twist towards the back torso parallel to the right knee.

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