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Perfection in Asana
September 2020

Yoga Sutra 2.47

2.47 “Perfection in asana is achieved when the effort to perform it becomes effortless and the infinite being within is reached.” 
“Prayatna saihilya ananta samaprattibhyam”.

The stillness in asana/postures comes through effortless effort. It is not found in the struggle but in the surrender.
We surrender all self doubt, all negative energies that would be an obstacle to our growth, and with the realization that we have always been perfect.
When this happens the person is no longer doing yoga but becomes yoga.
There is no duality.
In this we find our way to the divine that resides within us.
We find the infinite of being.
There can be of course many ways to reach this state of being but Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras offers a step by step guide for this journey.
When we reach this state of balance, the body and intelligence can merge in the seat of the soul.
And in this state we will find the end of suffering.


Labor Day Observance

DSY will have a free class online at noon Monday 9/7 to celebrate Labor Day. Book your class at  
This will be a Traditional Yoga class that will be suited for all levels of ability from new practitioners to advanced.
Text me at 817 909 6544 for the Zoom Codes.



The New DSY online and Yoga on the Green Class Schedule

As many of you have headed back to work, our online schedule is being adjusted to respond to the needs of the community.
If you are enjoying the online and/or Yoga on the Green classes, vote with your attendance and referrals to keep them on the schedule.
Starting Tuesday 9/8 we will begin the new schedule seen below;

Sundays  7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. Yoga on the Green (outside the yoga studio)
Sundays 3:00 p.m. online Detox Yoga 
Mondays, and Wednesdays online at 12:00 noon Variety Yoga
Mondays, and Wednesday  6:30 p.m. online Traditional Yoga
Tuesday  8:00 p.m. Free Class, online Night Time Yoga and Meditation
Saturdays 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. Yoga on the Green (outside the yoga studio)
Saturdays Online
8:00 a.m. online Gentle Yoga with Guided Meditation
9:30 a.m. online Traditional Yoga 
11:00 a.m. online Power Yoga

Fees: $10.00 online drop in
           $45.00 online monthly unlimited
Yoga on the Green classes will be held outside the DSY studio.
These outdoor classes will require social distancing allowing for only 10 students maximum.
You are required to book the class before you take any online or outdoor classes. Make sure you use the online class link for class fees.
Masks are required for the outdoor Yoga on the Green.
You will also be required to bring your own mat and I would suggest a blanket to lay your mat on.  
You will need to bring your own water bottles and towels as well as any support needed such as blocks or straps.
Register or book your classes at on the online class link or at Diana’s School of Yoga on MindBody Online.

Free Meditation Class Online 
Starting Tuesday 9/8

In this present moment of stress and uncertainty Meditation is more important than ever before.
Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, control anxiety, induce better sleep, increase self awareness and kindness.
Because of these and many other benefits DSY will be offering a free online meditation class, Night Time Yoga and Meditation every Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. starting 9/8 through 9/29.
Sign up for your class at under the Online Classes link.
To make sure you receive your Zoom codes in time you can text me at 817-909-6544. 
This class, Night time Yoga and Meditation will feature a short yoga sequence, designed to help mind body and spirit allowing you to enjoy a better sleep!
You must book your class in advanced to receive the Zoom Code for this Free online class.


       Teardrop Support Cushion Master Class                        
                                  Online Thursday, October 15

Diana’s School of Yoga is presenting an online Teardrop Support Cushions Master class Thursday 10/15. 
This class will guide you through the use and benefits of its wonderful design and ability to allow deep passive stretching for body. 
The Teardrop support cushion allows the release of your upper back, support the mid back and traction of the lower spine.
The overall effect frees all areas of the body, as the Teardrop conforms to the curves of the body through it’s unique design and buckwheat hull filing.
The use of the Teardrop relaxes mind, spirit and body to a deeper level than any other bolster out there.
This class will consist of detailed instructions on the varied usages of the teardrop, sequence design and stick figures so that you will be able to replicate what was taught in the class from the comfort of your own home. 

Date: Thursday 10/15
Time:   6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. 
Where: online booking through 
Class Fee: $20.00
Teardrop Cost: Discount is available based on number of orders. Usual cost is around $40.00 including shipping. Once we know how many orders the exact cost wil be passed on to those who order the bolster.
Teardrop Support Cushions are available to be purchased separately from this Master Class.


Emily’s Corner

Drink This Not That
Is Your Drink Making You Fat?

Stop Drinking Your Calories

• Liquid calories have little satiety power meaning they do not satisfy hunger which subsequently leads to higher calorie intake.

• The artificial sweetener aspartame has been shown to cause weight gain.

• It takes longer to eat calories than drink them therefore the feedback mechanism where the stomach communicates to the brain “I’m full” has ample time to kick in while chewing your food


Juice Box

Drink This ‐ Minute Maid Fruit Falls Tropical 5 calories
1 g sugars

Not That ‐ Capri Sun Roaring Waters 30 calories
8 g sugars



Drink This ‐ Ocean Spray White Grapefruit 100% Juice (8 oz) 90 calories
17 g sugars

Not That ‐ Arizona Kiwi Strawberry (23.5 oz can) 360 calories
84 g sugars


Drink This ‐ Double Espresso Macchiato 15 calories
0 g fat

Not That ‐ Large Caffe Latte 190 calories
7 g fat

Yogurt Smoothie
Drink This ‐ Dannon Light & Fit Strawberry Banana Smoothie 70 calories
12 g sugars

Not That ‐ Stonyfield Farm Organic Wild Berry Smoothie 150 calories
25 g sugars

Pose of the Month for September
Eka Pāda Rājakapotāsana/Single Leg King Pigeon Pose

From a seated cross legged position, shift your body to the right to swing the left leg directly behind.
Bend the left foot up behind you.
Walk your hands back until your head and torso are perpendicular to the ceiling.
Exhale pull your abs in and up, lift up the pelvic floor as you stablize the core.
Reach back with your right hand and grab the left foot. Then take your left hand back, holding the foot with both hands.
Advanced option press the left foot into the crook of the right elbow, lift the left arm up overhead and hold the foot with both hands.

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