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Training the Senses
April 2020

Yoga Sutra 2.43

Through the training of the senses, there comes a destruction of mental impurities, and an ensuing mastery or perfection over the body and the mental organs of senses and actions.
(kaya indriya siddhih ashuddhi kshayat tapasah)

The training of the body is something that we are all familiar with.
But a more impactful training is that of the mind through the senses. Chaos ensues when the mind is left to be out of control.
There is an ancient metaphor of a chariot in which the senses are like the horses, the reins are the mind, the driver is the intelligence or intellect, the chariot is the physical body, and the passenger is the true Self, the atman. If the senses and mind are not trained, then the horses run in random, uncontrolled directions. With self-training, the senses stay on course, under the proper control of the driver
Training of the sense is subtle work. When you breathe before speaking when agitated this is training, Enjoying the moment instead of looking back or forward this is training. Being able to discriminate between what is real and what is false this is training.
Keeping balance in mind, spirit and body, aligning with them through yoga this is training. Looking within to the realness of who you is the path to serenity. 

Diana’s School of Yoga is vested in keeping us all safe, healthy and whole.
In light of Covid19 pandemic, there will be no classes at our physical store front until our area is given the OK to do so.
We will be offering Live Streaming classes available at our website on the Online Classes link, starting Saturday 4/25th.
The online class schedule;
Saturdays 8:00 a.m. Gentle Yoga with Guided Meditation 9:30 a.m. Traditional Yoga and 10:30 a.m. Power Yoga Sundays 3:00 p.m. Detox Yoga
Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays at 12:00 noon Variety Yoga.
Fees: $10.00 drop in
$45.00 monthly unlimited online class schedule.

Spring 21 Day Yoga Bootcamp
Live Stream
May 8th – May 28th

One of the ways we can self care during these tenuous times can be achieved through the practice of Yoga.
Diana’s School of Yoga is honored to bring our 21 Day Yoga Boot Camp as a live stream event through Zoom. Registration is being taken at using the Online classes link.
The boot camp is based on an Ayurvedic Panchakarma model, where the removal of impurities of mind, spirit and body are achieved through 5 ways;
  1. Detoxing Yoga  Mon – Fri at 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.
  2. Ancient cleansing diet
  3. Daily Pranayama/Yoga of the breath
  4. Sweat Therapy
  5. Daily Journaling
This approach releases old patterns that allows for the reset of mind, spirit and body. This reset opens up ways to improved health and increased quality of life.
The boot camp is designed to move progressively throughout the 21 days so that everyone, whether beginner or advanced student will enjoy a highly adaptive and enjoyable yoga practice!
Dates: Monday 5/8th – 5/28th until 4/27th
Fees: Early Bird Registration until 4/27th $45.00 
           Standard Fee on 4/28th $55.00 
           DSY Members Fee Paid through code given for current membership
Emily’s Corner

Lame Excuses for Not Eating Healthy

Health Food Is Too Expensive

This is not entirely true. If you are looking at sheer volume of food to fill up your belly then sometimes it is more expensive to purchase healthy food. If you are looking at price per nutrient then junk food can be more expensive. And it’s not just the quality nutrients that health food offers either, think about what ingredients you’re avoiding; saturated fat, MSG, excess sodium, sugar, food coloring and preservatives for starters. Consider this example with one large sweet potato. It costs around 45 cents, you get 7 grams of fiber, 769% of your vitamin A, 65% of your vitamin C and approximately 180 calories.  A medium order of french fries from a popular fast food restaurant costs $1.79, offers 3 grams of fiber, zero vitamin A , 6% of your vitamin C and 230 calories.  The expense excuse is only convenient if you don’t want it bad enough to think through the options and make the right choices.

I Don’t Know How and I Don’t Have the Resources

If you’re the kind of person that likes someone spelling it out for you step by step then this website is for you.  provides you with weekly shopping lists and meal plans based on your family size and dietary goals. It generates the shopping list based on your local grocery store of choice and the sales for that week. Best of all no food is wasted because all meals are strategically planned utilizing what you purchased at the store that week. It’s a shame when food goes to waste because you never got around to preparing that healthy meal? 

Eating Healthy Takes Too Much Time

It takes at least 25 minutes to get in your car, drive to the fast food joint, order your meal, wait to pick it up, pay for it and drive back home to eat it. 
It takes 95 seconds to walk into your kitchen, open the refrigerator, grab the chicken salad, spread it on a piece of whole grain bread, sit down and eat it. 
It takes the same amount of time to heat up a frozen entrée regardless of the ingredients and there are numerous healthy frozen entrée options. 
All grocery stores now carry produce already washed, chopped and bagged up for you so the time excuse won’t work here.
It’s just as quick to grab and eat a piece of fruit as it is to grab and eat a pack of cookies.

                           Life’s Too Short, Eat What You Want

Life will be even shorter if you have a steady diet of junk foods. Don’t forget that obesity is the second leading cause of preventable death after smoking.    Make sure you’re not depriving yourself so much that you become a  food  binge waiting to happen. Allow yourself periodic treats or cheat days to kill the cravings that can kick into overdrive if you deny yourself for too long. Life is short and it’s unreasonable to expect that you will never put another morsel of sugar or saturated fat into your mouth. The key is moderation. Think of the 80/20 rule. Aim for eating healthy nutritious foods 80% of the time and 20% of the time you can have the more decadent treats. 


Pose of the Month for April
Jathara Parivartanasana/Revolved Abdomen

Lie on your back arms outstretched like the letter “T”. Lift both legs up towards the ceiling. Drop the left leg down. Move the right leg over to the left side. Turn your head to the right. To add accupressure simply lay your hand anywhere on the right leg Hold – repeat on opposite side

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