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Aerial Yoga, taught by Emily May, combines traditional mat yoga with postures suspended in soft fabric hammocks. With the help of gravity and hammocks, we can playfully explore floating, fluid movements and create space in our bodies without compressing our joints and spine.
The feeling in the body is exquisite!

The yoga hammock can safely hold up to 300lbs. so it can accommodate most body types.

Here are some benefits of Aerial Yoga:
  • Allows gravity to facilitate deeper stretches and spinal decompression.
  • Allows you to get into positions that would not be possible without the use of the swing.
  • Reverses the flow of blood in the circulatory system giving the lower extremities a reprieve from the pumping upstream effect.
  • Alleviates stress off of joints while doing inversions.
  • Acupressure benefits from silk compression around specific body parts.
  • Develops kinesthetic awareness and balance.
  • Strengthens forearms and hand grip – good for carpal tunnel.
  • Brings out the child-like playfulness we often get away from.

You should NOT practice aerial yoga if you are pregnant, have an artificial hip, hypertension, glaucoma, recent surgery or stroke, vertigo or an inner ear condition or any recent musculoskeletal injuries.

Helpful tips for 1st timers:
  • Eat a light snack before class to avoid getting light-headed. Avoid eating a full meal within two to three hours beforehand.
  • Wear form fitting type leggings and fitted tops to avoid tangling in the silks or skin chafing.
  • Do not wear jewelry in order to avoid tearing the fabric, puncturing or scraping yourself.
  • Honor your body and listen to it. If something doesn’t feel right or safe for you then take a pass or back off for a moment.

Aerial Yoga is NOT included in a DSY Membership. You need to pay for and SIGN UP TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT in order to attend this class.

We kindly ask that in the event you are unable to attend the class, please cancel your reservation 48 hours in advance or you risk losing your payment. This also allows those on the waiting list to secure a spot.

Prices are as follows:

Member – Aerial Yoga Single Class Member – Aerial Yoga 4 Class Package Member – Aerial Yoga 4 Class Package Auto Draft
$20 $75 $60

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