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Freedom From Karma

When the mind finds deep absorption in truth baring light a new life can begin free from Karma.
All thoughts leaves deep impressions and it is up to your own knowledge that enables you to  discriminate as to what is important to focus on and what is not.
When you learn how to focus the ability for growth and enrichment is the gift awaiting you.
Find a quiet spot, free your mind from all self doubt and explore within.  This can be best realized through the practice of Meditation with with the light of Truth guiding you on!

Featured Class for the Month of April  – Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga is our featured class this month!
All class option fees will have a 10% discount per person. 
Ask for discount at the front desk or call 817-909-6544 to get it set up.
Why Aerial Yoga?
Some of the benefits include:
Suspended above the ground allows gravity to facilitate deeper stretches and spinal decompressions.
There are acupressure benefits from swing compression as the body comes in contact with the materials of the silks.
Develops kinesthetic awareness.
Develops the vestibular system responsible for balance
Strengthens forearms and hand grip – good for carpal tunnel
Brings out the child-like playfulness we often get away from.
The Aerial Swings gives more space for the joints and spine making many yoga  poses more accessible.

Aerial Yoga Master Class and Level 1 Teacher Training
Saturday April 1st

As part of the Aerial Yoga events for the month of April DSY will be offering a Master Class with additional hours for the Level 1 Teacher Training.
These events will be open to anyone interested in the amazing practice of Aerial Yoga.
I have had many inquiries into what is Aerial Yoga and who would be able be able to participate. 
Aerial Yoga roots began in the 1940s with B.K.S. Iyengar’s use of ropes and the wall to make yoga postures more accessible to the general public as well as giving his students the ability to have a deeper experience in these postures.
Out of that has come the practice we call Aerial Yoga.
With Aerial the participant will be suspended about 2 to 3 feet from the ground in parachute swings with handles.
The feet will always have the ability to stand on the floor as the yoga postures are reinvented following the concepts of the Iyengar method. 
The Master class will be taught in the first 90 minutes of the class, followed by the  additional 3 hour Teacher Training program that with explore in more detail the benefits gained,  how to teach a safe class, how to sequence and modify the postures ending the training with each person leading the group in a short sequence. A 4 hour certificate of completion will be available at the end of the training.
Whether you want to teach or just have more knowledge in this field the Master Class and the Level 1 Teacher Training is open to anyone. Max registration is 7 students. Overflow class will be added if needed Date to be announced
A light repast will be provided during Break
Date: April 1 2023
Time: 1:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.
Break 2:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Master Class Only $45.00
Teacher Training $100.00
Location: DSY 925 W. Pioneer Pkwy Ste K
Grand Prairie, TX 75051
For more information text 817 909 6544 or visit
Registration opens Monday 3/20
Spring 3 Week Yoga Bootcamp
Monday April 24th

DSY Spring Boot Camp will open for registration April 10th. This event offers a 3 week transformative journey to the Self., utilizing 5 practices based on Ayurvedic principles
New Student Orientation will be a Zoom only class Sunday April 23rd. 
The 3 Week Boot Camp begins Monday April 24th and ends Friday May 5th.
The Boot Camp follows an Ayurvedic system, of Panchakarma, meaning 5 Ways, where there is reset of mind, spirit and body
This approach releases old patterns that allows for the reset
New paths are formed that ican mprove health, mental and physical accurity and the means to increase the quality of life.
The Panchakarma or 5 practices that will be used are;
1) Monday – Friday 6:00 a.m. –  7:00 a.m. Detox Yoga practice
2) A diet based on an ancient cleansing method.s and whole foods
3) Breath work/Pranayama
4) Sweat Therapy
5) Daily Journaling
This boot camp is designed to move  progressively through basic adaptation to a final advance sequence. The progression through the 5 Ways is at each person’s pace ensuring complete confidence throughout the bootcamp.
This allows students to fully participate in all aspects of the Boot Camp where they are comfortable.
The Boot Camp will be live streamed through Zoom and in person at our studio.
Boot Camp Orientation  Sunday April 23rd Zoom Only
Time: 6:00 a.m. – 7:00 a.m.
Bootcamp Dates Monday April 24th – Friday May 5th.
Location: In person at DSY Studio 925 W. Pioneer Pkwy Ste K and live streamed through Zoom
Early Bird registration begins Sunday April 9th –  Saturday April 15th
Fee: current members $45.00 
        Non Members $105.00 
Regular registration begins Sunday April 16th
Fee: current members $55.00
        non members $115.00
Zoom Only Rates
Fees   current members $35.00
            non members $85
Register  at the DSY studio or online at

DSY will be closed Sunday April 9th for Easter
Regular schedule will resume Monday April 10th

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